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Saturday, March 12, 2011

James' Room

After a long day of yard saling, I do mean LONG (8hrs)..I came home and took me a much needed nap!
Only to wake up with only one thing on my mind...Putting out my new finds??  NOPE..Redoing James' room! 
I had been wanting to get in there and clean for a while now, but one just has to be in the mood b'c its a long process...
Keep in mind his walls are John Deere yellow and green and I wasn't going to paint again.  It was hard to find something to match but I think I finally did..

How did he react to it?
He wasn't happy at first!  He doesn't like change...in this pic he is trying to tell me that his stuff has been moved around!  Yes, I spend two hours working on it and he is MAD.

After a few minutes of him "thinking" about it he decided it was really COOL!!

I think his favorite part is now he can sit on his toy box and look outside and see Grannys porch light on!   (the smallest things thrills him)

I did give him ONE job to do.....put his FAVORITE toys in the BLUE basket and least favorite toys in the PURPLE basket.........................what was I thinking?

Looks like we are only getting rid of a comb and a piece of plastic!

I was really sad removing most of his John Deere stuff, I did keep a few of his favorites out...
He was so obsessed with bobcats, backhoes, etc...

How cute is that picture?  He was so little..I know you need to see it closer..

I know you hear all the time how fast kids grow up....but looking back and seeing him so tiny only proves how right "they" are.

  James is truly one of a kind and a blessing from GOD. 

Ok Granny...turn the porch light off already!
Good Night...

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