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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I did learn a few things from my Parents...

Ok, I didn't think folks still used this kind of stuff, I thought when your shoes got scratched and dirty you just bought new ones?      
After looking everywhere for a pair of shoes identical to the pair I have I had no luck..so what's a gal to do? 
I got to thinking about the "good ole days" and on Sundays my Dad would always shine his shoes before church.  I was at Walmart today and found this stuff!!  It was less than 3.00 and can I just say OMG what a find!!!  I do believe I have shined every pair of shoes in my closet (well maybe not every pair but I only have so much time)  You can buy sponges for Brown or Black shoes..BUT this one said "for any color" so I figure I got more bang for my buck.
So to all my fellow thrifters out there, the next time you see a pair of shoes at a thrift store that are a little scratched up...have NO fear, for a few dollars you will have them looking good as new again!

Monday, January 17, 2011


I hadn't been to Goodwill in awhile...I decided since I was off work today I'd go...well, that was a BIG mistake!  I hadn't been since way before Christmas I decided then that they are getting too high. 
I get there a little after 4pm and was trying to hurry b/c I thought they closed at 5pm.  I noticed they are open till 6pm :)  I was a happy girl, I had two hours to take my time and look at everything in there (due to their poor lighting that never happens) I think they have it so dim in there so folks will give up and leave and they get all the bargains!  But back to my adventure, I even got me a buggy (I knew I'd get too much to carry)  1hr and 40min later I walked out of there with the same stuff I walked in with..NOTHING!  They have got to be kidding if they think I will pay 8.99 for a white t-shirt, I mean really??  You can shop JC Pennys cheaper than that!  Its really sad that a few months ago you could take 20.00 and come out with 10 bags full of stuff.  I know its not the employees fault but I find myself giving them that "look" when I notice something is too expensive!   I am sure they could care less but it makes me feel better.
Maybe when they see that the store is so full and nothing is being bought they will lower their prices, the "half off" days are not even deals anymore.  When they have a broken Tupperware bowl and ask 3.99 for it.....something is WRONG!
I guess I will just have to stick to my local Salvation Army they still have great prices.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hoarder? I think NOT!

After recently watching the show "Hoarders" on A&E I decided it was time I started being more organized.
I just can't help it though...I try to buy only the stuff I NEED but its  much more fun to buy the stuff you WANT!  While I admit I do have stuff I really don't need I just can't part without it.  If you came in my house you would see all kinds of stuff on my kitchen counters...but only the stuff everyone else has..you know, Vintage Ice grinder, Vintage metal Premium cracker container, Vintage Metal Canisters, about 50 old egg beaters, mashers, grinders, Old metal egg basket...and I could go on and on and on!  I think about getting rid of this stuff and it kills me, all my vintage stuff means more to me than any new thing could.  I am pretty sure each piece will also come with a funny story (almost getting in a fight to get it, getting cussed out) you know just another day at the Yard Sales!
I am sure when I am dead and gone none of this stuff will mean anything to anyone but that's ok, those who know me know how much I love old stuff. 
With all this said...my point of this post was to "show" I was trying to be more organized!!  Again I forgot to take a BEFORE pic!!  (I will learn one day)

Ok if I had taken a before pic you would have seen this whole floor was covered in Xbox and Playstation games!  It really did drive me crazy but I had no place to put them. Until........I went to the Family Dollar yesterday...

I know what your thinking....the point of my Blog is to talk about "thrifted or vintage" things..well I did buy this "new" but for the low price of 12.00!  I had been looking online for something like this and the cheapest I found was around 60.00. 
So in the end buying this "new" item at such a great price still gave me the same kind of thrill I get when I buy something for a good price at a Thrift Store or Yard Sale.

This is how us thrifty gals spend our Winter since we can't Yard Sale!