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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am on a roll...

So much for taking a nap today...After painting those candle holders I couldn't stop! 

I bought this a couple of months ago ($7.00) and still hadn't done anything with it.  I think 7.00 sounds high but this thing is HUGE and HEAVY.  Probably should have measured it for you but remember I am still a blog'ing virgin!

I had this one picture of Kelsi in the back of my mind...It was one of my favorites of her and I still hadn't even had it printed......Well....a few coffees later I was at Walmart!

This was fast and easy (of course I painted the BIG frame this morning)...

                                 I think Kelsi will like it..remember hanging on the other wall is..

*if your wondering..Where did the Green come from?  the wall you can't see in this pic is green*  I will take a pic of it at a later date!

Good Night...

rain...coffee...& PAINT!!

I know you guys have been dying to see the outcome....here ya go!


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Couldn't resist taking a pic of my $5.00 chair! (it is usually full of clothes)

Breath taking..I KNOW!!

while had the camera out..thought I'd show you a yard sale find last year, this is a picture of a cabin at cades cove
(4.00 for both) 

I have to say I am super thrilled about my candle sticks, counting the paint and candles I have about 8.00 total. (now thats' being thrifty)

Oh before I forget...while making my afternoon coffee (only b'c its raining) I came across this...

Can you guess whose coffee cup THIS is??   No it doesn't belong to me (way to dainty)...Its Mothers! 

Well I have covered the Coffee...Paint......but wait...how will I write about Rain??  hmmmm...

Oh how I love the Morton Salt Chick, I guess its her style??  RED  bows, YELLOW dress and BLACK umbrella!!

I hope you enjoyed todays Post as always I had FUN!!


Had a fantastic time at the Goodwill Friday, it was half off day (the only reason i went) lately I think the prices are getting too high but one can't pass up half off day!!
I found these 3 candle holders...they are very heavy so I am pretty sure someone paid a lot for them..but NOT me!

Come on..do you really think I would pay 6.99??  It was half off day remember?
I think I will use these in my bedroom..currently the primer is drying on them, can't wait to see how they turn out after I am finished with them..
No worries I will post pics!!  (I know you can't wait) lol

I also bought two cool coffee cups (currently in dishwasher).  How come we get addicted to a certain type of coffee cup and it seems that style is the hardest to find?  I know coffee drinkers can relate, my Mom keeps a her own coffee cup in my cabinet for when she comes to visit!  (wonder where I get my craziness)??    I will post pics of them later..

Well I have lots to do today..so this post is going to be short and sweet..I will return later with some "after" pics!!

But in the meantime...here is a hint:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Remember when we were little..stealing was when you would sneak in your moms bedroom and use her perfume (Wind Song) without her knowing???

What is wrong with this crazy girl?

I guess this is an example of how the world is changing...

Good Night.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Too much=adjective (great in quantity, measure, or degree)

Brace yourself.....

I have the day off work (Presidents Day) and I thought what better way to spend it than organizing............ugh......are you ready...?.....My MAKE-UP!!!

This is going to be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now before you start "judging" let me remind you that I have been obsessed with make up since I was 13....and now I am 31.....do the math, 18 yrs total!

 I guess the fact that I had to climb almost to the top of the stairs to take a pic of all, it is probably a sign of TOO much?   



Just in case you are thinking to yourself....Man, she has a problem.....I will admit I may have a few too many brown eye shadows!   I bet my Mom is cracking up about now....

I thought if I wrote my Blog about this it would make cleaning out everything more fun??  Well, not so much :(   I can't for the life of me get rid of anything!!   I have to stay FOCUSED. 

But for real, how many lipsticks is too many?

This is clearly going to be more work than I thought....I will return.............

I am back (3hrs later)!!

I made it!  I had a few moments of sadness but I stayed strong and managed to get rid of a LOT of stuff.  Ready for the "after" pics???

I managed to get everything I kept in 3 drawers! 

eye shadow...

only kept TWO mascara's!

I did get rid of 3 brushes, believe it or not I do use them all....
notice the lipstick?  yes I gave up a few..

Oh..nothing better than a good brush or 20... 

Are you asking yourself "WHAT did she get rid of"?  (I knew you would)
sad, I know.....I keep walking by it thinking...hmmm...

I hope you all enjoyed my post today, I have been needing to organize for a while now and I feel much better knowing its all done.  

If only I had enough energy to go through my nail polish.....maybe I will do that on the next holiday..Its NAP time!


Friday, February 18, 2011

My Vintage find...

Well....I have a confession to make....

For the last 6 Years I thought I had lost my Class Ring, Well guess what......I DIDN'T!!

The other day Chad was cleaning out his gun safe and ask me if he had some of my rings...Well I guess when we moved I had my real jewelry in his safe!  Anyone who knows me will admit I don't really care for REAL jewelry.  So...I would guess that's why I didn't miss it that much, I prefer the Big..Fake...Tacky Jewels!
I had thought about the ring a while back and was too scared to ask Mom if she had it put up some place, you know this ring has lived in several places!! 

Which brings me to the point of my post.... Think about all the places your class ring has been...
lived in different houses?  Some ex b/f has it?  I think it will be fun to share with each other and I am sure we will have a lot of laughs!!!

I will never forget the day Mom and I went to LuMac @ Oak Ridge Mall!  I was sooooo excited to get to pick it out.  I knew I wanted GOLD not silver (which is hard to believe) and Mom let me design it the way I wanted.  I have always HATED my birthstone (diamond) its so blah.  (maybe this is the reason I think diamonds are bad luck??)  anyway...back to the story...I wanted the stone to be blue (you know..Go Big Blue)! 
I remember being so MAD because I wanted my name on the side and everyone always said it looked like "USA"  :(

Yes, thats a Devil that was our Mascot...
The other side had the year I graduated (that was the "in" thing to put there) LOL!

So, seems I have spent most of my post telling you about how I GOT the ring...I will have to tell you all the places she's been at a later date...