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Friday, April 22, 2011

Vacation Day?!??

I seem to think that taking a "Vacation Day" from work meant that you would be on VACATION that day??? Well that wasn't the case for me today!  I am worn out.

Today is our 3yr Anniversary of moving in our house...As in tradition Dad and I always pressure wash the porch.  I had been wanting some type of back porch for a year now (we have nothing currently) and what better time to do it than today?!!   I figure he build the porch and I would pressure wash...  Sounds good and all BUT I can't hardly walk now!

Dads Project

My Project!

We made it through..rain, thunder, lightning and SUN!   How my dad works like this I will never know...I am not one to do manual labor...I get home from work and my mind is tired NOT my feet, legs, arms, back, neck, hair, finger nails.....Get the point??  
Since I worked so hard today I only feel that I should share it with you all....you know so you all can tell me how totally awesome it is and brag on me, make me feel all this pain was worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ugh...YEAH, did you think I would have another theme besides fishing??  I had to make sure hubby would sit out there with me!
 I figure, Hubby likes fishing...I like Vintage....I got it, VINTAGE FISHING DECOR!!

MIL made me this last year, I LOVE it!!

Most of the decorations came from yard sales and flea mkts, I really don't think I bought anything "new" that is on our porch.  I had been saving old fishing stuff for a while now...I would see an odd looking item and buy it...never paying over a couple of dollars for it.  Last year I did fishing stuff but went more toward the "camping" part of it.   I wish I had taken pics then but that was before I got obsessed with making over stuff. 
This RED metal bench was my grannys and the cushions are from a yard sale (NEVER buy new cushions way toooooo expensive).

Yes thats a minnow bucket on the left and a old fishing stool on the right!  Figured that would make cool end tables..

I get that the BLACK table on the left doesn't look that old...BUT it is metal (matches bench) and it is perfect height so see out the windows..so It will work for now.. (the fact that it was only 25.00 at a yard sale i knew i'd MAKE it work)!
Last year I had all the old baits hanging on a net...while it did look really cool, seemed they kept falling off.  As much money as I have invested in what I was "told" was VINTAGE baits....after purchasing a Guide To Old Fishing Lures, I soon realized I had several faux lures. LOL,  No worries though, I still like them and thought of using them this way..

I attached them to an old fly rod.  I moved my 3 thermos' out to the porch, I figured I had 3 windows, 3 stools, 3 kids....hey why not 3 themos?!? (they was another yard sale find, 1.00 each.

Can't forget to show you my cooler...I may have paid 5.00 for it but I just loved the birds and the colors.

Hope You enjoyed the screened in porch, now time to go towards the front of the house!

I know you are loving the Skeleton Key, right?  Funny story...

Went to an Estate Sale last year and went CRAZY over this key, I just had to have it.  I do believe it was one of the happiest "freckles find" EVER!!    Get home and can't wait to put it out...so many places it could hang..  As I was admiring it I seen some writing on the side and thought OH MY I have hit the jackpot! 
Look Closely at the writing...
"Key to Rock City"
So....If anyone ever wants to go to Rock City....I have the key!
no need to say how much it cost me.   :(
Hope you all enjoyed my Post, I am tired and think I will got sit on my clean

table re-do

Spring is here and its time to clean the porch, clean the furniture, plant flowers and my FAV.... paint!!

Last spring I did NOTHING, I didn't have the money to buy new chairs, cushions, flowers, etc...  My porch looked so sad and I missed watering all my flowers daily.  Well not a lot has changed, still don't have  the extra money to spend on it BUT I decided I wasn't going to spend another summer looking at my sad porch....SO....................I got me some .97 spray paint and went to town!

I bought this table years ago at Big Lots, I think I only paid a couple of dollars for it.  I was getting ready to take it to the dump and thought why not try to save it!

This is the table before, so sad.
yeah I had started painting the top before I thought to take a before pic!  I normally buy spray paint for wicker, wood, plastic, etc..BUT it is almost 4.00 a can now and I think that is too high.  So I bought this and paid .97.

I did have to do two coats but I usually end up doing that with the expensive paint as well...

I think it looks much better!  Still needs a little something to Seesa it up though.....

I had picked these up at Walmart a few days ago...under 3.00 and I had a feeling I would use them for something...

Our Last name fit PERFECT on the table!

Not bad huh?  I think it will look better once I get it on my porch and put some of my one of a kind touches on it!  lol

As for now...well I am spending the day pressure washing my porch, I can't wait to get started..Nothing better than a nice clean porch to eat Easter Dinner on!

I did manage to get most of the stuff off of the porch already....(see below)  and NO this isn't a yard sale!  I have spent most afternoons this week washing everything.. I have to get started though b'c right now my yard is looking a little redneck!

Told ya it was BAD!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

MoSs- .Mosses are small, soft plants that are typically 1–10 cm (0.4–4 in) tall, though some species are much larger. They commonly grow close together in clumps or mats in damp or shady locations.

Well thats the definition that Wikipedia gives...  As for my definition, Moss- the best "filler"ever!  I love this stuff.

Below is pretty much how I spent my cold, windy and rainy Saturday:

and just when I thought I was done.......I opened another bag!

and another bag...

How COOL are those black and white things?  They didn't match anything in my whole house but I still HAD to have them...  So finally I found a place for them...The Hallway!
I know you need a closer look??

I think it was the whole "texture" of them, it was like feathers!

Just when I thought I was Mossed out......I still had a little left---

I also re-did a book shelve today....It turned out AWESOME, that will be a post for another day though...

Next time your at Walmart pick you up a bag of Moss and go crazy with it like I did!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fireplace re-do..

I would like to start off by saying whoever invented Spring Cleaning needs to be smacked!!
with that said...now i can continue.

I got up at 6am with ONE thing on my mind.....My Mantel!  As much as I love fires in the Winter time i am really ready for warm weather..which means time for cleaning out months of ash and suet.  :(
I had seen a show on HGTV where a gal had painted the inside of her fireplace, I was thinking..hmmm, can't be THAT hard??  Well.......3 pots of coffee and 10hrs later I did it!  Granted the "actual" cleaning and painting of the fireplace only took about an hour..My ability to NOT stop until I am 100% satisfied took 8hrs!
When you see something on TV they just always make it seem so easy to do...Well you know, I am sure they have "handymen" to bring them all the supplies they will need..Me on the other hand....my "handyman" was fishing! (smart choice)   

Yep, that's QVC in the background

Yes I know its a mess...and I am aware of the Shop Vac in the middle of my living room!
While I was vacuuming all the ashes out I couldn't help but sing "its a dirty job but someone has to do it"  You know from the show Dirty Jobs? 
I had seen a show with Paula Deen (yes, her mouth is too loud) but anyway...she had a Fern in the middle of her fireplace and I LOVED how it looked.  My fireplace isn't that deep so I knew a Fern would be way too big and too much trouble to water daily (Leah- ferns must be watered daily)...
I decided to try a Vine instead....pretty happy with the way it turned out.
I could kick myself for not taking a before pic of this...the bricks were a gray'ish color and very dirty looking.. Found me some Black Spray Paint for high heat and went to town!

I did manage to take a picture of the Mantel before.....(keep in mind it has been through THREE winters so thats a lot of fires!!

(This was half way through it)

 Well I guess my point to this was to show you my Spring Mantel....here you go.

This stool is at least 25yrs old, I can remember me and sissy fighting over who got to sit on it!

Before you say anything..I know I HATE fake flowers but this didn't scream FAKE to me, I thought it looked VINTAGE!

(James thinks this is a DINO egg)

Most folks would probably put Eggs in an Easter Basket but that's a little too boring for me...

Hope Everyone has a

Happy Birthday Month to me!

My Mom bought me this when I was a kid..probably around 25 years ago (man, that makes me feel old)
If your wondering what's on her neck....well, her head has been broke off more than once!  She has had a ruff life.

Oh, are you wondering who is that pretty gal beside her??

She is AWESOME!  You know how I love old umbrellas, oh...you don't?   well, here's a few....

But that's a Blog for Another day....