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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Vintage Memory~

How many of you have ever sit in your Granny's kitchen and got a perm?

I don't know what in the world made me think of this today...But I remember back in the Good Ole Days we would all go to Grannys on Monday night and take turns getting our perms.  Aunt Sandra always came prepared....She brought all her perm rods, combs and perms. 

There would be 10 of us sitting around all us kids would be playing (outside so the grown ups could hear jeopardy) those that wasn't watching TV was in the kitchen playing Scrabble and usually two would be swinging on the porch swing..

I just wonder how many families still do this?  I am sure not many (myself included).  Its too easy now..just go somewhere and pay someone to do it, But be sure to take your cell phone in case someone needs you..

I can't imagine any of our family having cell phones back then.  I mean if someone needed you and you wasn't at home chances are you'd be at Grannys!  I can remember it like yesterday, anytime someone would call Grannys, Mom would always answer the phone and I could hear her say "well, who is your mother"?? and she'd holler for one of my aunts. 

I am sure that I am not the only one that has stories like this, surly you all have some?

I am thankful for my childhood and remember the "little" things the most.  Its funny how that works...
I hope one day when our kids are older they will have some VINTAGE memories.

Mom and Granny Lemons 2010

No thrifting for me...

Well.....I woke up Saturday morning went outside had my coffee on the porch and enjoyed the nice warm morning, after spending a few minutes on craigslist (writing down all the local yard sales) I called my MIL and was ready to get the day started.....
I took a shower and it hit me............UGH, I was sick as a dog...My legs cramped so bad and I had a fever, this can't be...it's still the opening weekend for yard sales, how could this be happening to me??  I am a good person, I don't deserve this!
So back on the Pj's went and I hit the couch...and when I say I hit the couch...LITERALLY, I was on my couch till 6am this morning..
I prayed it wasn't the flu, I do not have time for the flu, the flu just doesn't fit into my schedule this week!  I mean I am not sure if there is a certain time one prefers to be sick but this week it just couldn't happen..TOO much going on!!
I got up this morning and was feeling much better, my fever had broke sometime during the night and my legs was feeling better, I hope it was just a 24hr bug of some sort. 
I was really sad about missing the flea mkts, yard sales, etc...BUT I am very thankful to be feeling better today.
I think me and hubby are going on some type of "date" today...maybe I will find a Goodwill on the way...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tonight I was in the mood.....for????  Yes, you guessed it, ORGANIZING! 

I had been putting this one off for sometime now...Are you ready?  Brace Yourself.

Yes...just add Nail Polish to one of my many things I obsess over...

I really get tired of digging through all this junk to find a color I like. After a recent "used" purchase I couldn't wait to get started.

I was pretty sure that a lot of it would be dried up or I would be tired of it.....well......I couldn't part with any of them!  So sad I know.  I did find this one and thought I would share it.

This was my first RED polish I ever bought!!

Why would I still have it?  LOL, who knows!  I figure its probably 10yrs old so why throw it out now?

After going through it all I decided just to keep them but organize them better...  I think it turned out pretty good.

So with that said, the moral of my story is:   Thrifting isn't always a bad thing, I look at is as it has made me get more organized in life....

"By one vintage find at a time"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

James' Room

After a long day of yard saling, I do mean LONG (8hrs)..I came home and took me a much needed nap!
Only to wake up with only one thing on my mind...Putting out my new finds??  NOPE..Redoing James' room! 
I had been wanting to get in there and clean for a while now, but one just has to be in the mood b'c its a long process...
Keep in mind his walls are John Deere yellow and green and I wasn't going to paint again.  It was hard to find something to match but I think I finally did..

How did he react to it?
He wasn't happy at first!  He doesn't like change...in this pic he is trying to tell me that his stuff has been moved around!  Yes, I spend two hours working on it and he is MAD.

After a few minutes of him "thinking" about it he decided it was really COOL!!

I think his favorite part is now he can sit on his toy box and look outside and see Grannys porch light on!   (the smallest things thrills him)

I did give him ONE job to do.....put his FAVORITE toys in the BLUE basket and least favorite toys in the PURPLE basket.........................what was I thinking?

Looks like we are only getting rid of a comb and a piece of plastic!

I was really sad removing most of his John Deere stuff, I did keep a few of his favorites out...
He was so obsessed with bobcats, backhoes, etc...

How cute is that picture?  He was so little..I know you need to see it closer..

I know you hear all the time how fast kids grow up....but looking back and seeing him so tiny only proves how right "they" are.

  James is truly one of a kind and a blessing from GOD. 

Ok Granny...turn the porch light off already!
Good Night...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The time has come.......

Have you ever had something in your head?

 You just can't stop thinking about  it? 

Every time you close your eyes you see it?

You can't seem to concentrate on anything?

 Most of your day is spent counting down the hours till its time for it?

...............and then FINALLY the time has come and you are So tired and just want to shut your eyes and sleep....it will understand...after all it was a busy day.....lots of stress...

Maybe tomorrow night we can have "our" time...

Yours Truly,