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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fact of My Life...

I guess since the title of my blog includes the word "vintage" this post would be ok....

Funny how you can hear a song and it reminds you of when you was a kid, I just heard the song from The Facts of Life TV show....I can remember Saturday mornings my sister would always watch it and I hated it (i was missing my cartoons!) I remember when I started getting older it being my FAVORITE show!  Its just funny how stuff always comes back around.  I wanted to be like Blair so much.  When I see the shoe now i crack up at some of the stuff they wore and those 80's hairstyles! After thinking about those girls from The Facts of Life I found this website that is really interesting  http://www.sitcomsonline.com/folwhere.htmlI

I just hope our kids have those "random" memories, it seems like the TV shows now are just so different (oh no, thats what my mom use to say about our TV shows)...Does this mean I am getting OLD?


Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Teen Room"

I had a great Christmas with my family.  We got to wake up with the kids to a beautiful snow!  I think over all, the kids seemed very happy and thankful for everything they received.  I hope so b/c I am WORN out.  We all stayed in our Pj's all day long, I spent all evening redoing Kelsi's aka Sissy's room, she had decided that she needed to say goodbye to all the PINK.  
As hard as this was for me to hear I guess I have to try to understand they will grow up.  I would have probably cried but since she let me put make up on her last night I still had hope!  LOL
It doesn't seem like its been 3 years since we bought all her new bedroom stuff but I guess it has.
Since I worked so hard I thought I'd share some pics of the "after"  (forgot to take the before)...  I will learn how this "blog" stuff works sometime!

I did keep her walls PINK But that was the only thing...
Santa brought her the Curtains and bedding and the rest was either thrifted or repainted!  My Dad made the frame and I just loved how it turned out!

I did leave a few of her stuffed animals out....

This light is the coolest thing ever..It was a Yard Sale find a few years ago I just added some "cool" stickers to it, I got her and James one I think I paid 5.00 for both of them!  I added a Pink light bulb to make it POP.

I am sure you are wondering why she has a Halloween Pumpkin in her room??  Well its hot pink and she has had it for years, it makes a great Night Light!  Kelsi made the "k" one day with her daddy I had to keep it she is so proud of it!  I added the "Private Party" I just thought it would look cool and she agreed!
Ok the next pic is of Kelsi's most favorite animal "Biscuit" she has had him for years and sleeps with him every night, he has been re-stuffed several times due to being washed so much!  He seemed happy with the outcome of the new room...

Kelsi was really excited about her new room, she did notice that I had to leave a little something to keep her from growing up too fast....
I hope you all enjoyed my Post, James wanted to know if I was going to redo his room.....well YEAH, I can't let him down so I have a lot to do today....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

County Sampler...Really?

I will be the first to admit I love Country Sampler Magazine...................BUT it seems to me that every house they showcase are not really LIVABLE.  I would love to know how a family of 5 would make it without a toaster or coffee pot on the counter?  I am always so jealous of those houses they visit.  While I think my house is decorated pretty country we still have to LIVE in it.  Maybe I am just making too big of a deal out of it but it bugs me,  I just would love to see a kids toy in the floor or something?? 

I would keep going on about it but I must get back to reading my magazine....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Birds found a new spot...

What a day.....I couldn't get that stupid tree topper off my mind.  I hated to just leave it in its box, I mean its been there its whole life I am sure!  After a lot of stressing, two pots of coffee, maybe a few bad words... I think I am finally happy with it.
Well you can't really see it good in this Pic...let me try again...

But wait you say....what happened to the Red Birds?  Well they had to find a different place to go...which leads me to another pic...

I think I will like the birds better here, something about the crazy things looking at me while I eat was just a little SCARY!  Now I have a place for my Vintage Christmas Plate (another thrifty find).

 The Milk Glass was a house warming gift I received and I got the vintage ornaments at a thrift store (whole box for .49) YAY!  The lamp I bought at an Estate Sale this summer, I think it was 5.00 (a little high, I know) but it had one of those really old looking plug-ins so I had to get it, I am sure it isn't a fire hazard or anything..

ok, I guess you are tired of the birds now so lets move on, Sissy aka Kelsi helped me do the next thing, she loves helping me.
Yes!!  That is old thermos bottles you see (another thing i collect).....
Well, I hope you enjoyed my post I am tired and ready for bed now!

Good Night...

so much for the Tree Topper....

Ok, I really think the reason it came in the box is b/c it was NEVER used!!  I fought with it all day and finally got Chad to mess with it and no luck.  It's not fun to decorate when you are MAD so I stopped messing with it.  It is back in its box where I am sure it has been the last 50 years!

Now for today......It is freezing outside, way too cold to go anywhere so my mind is racing trying to figure out what to re-do today?  I am sure I will think of something.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nellys Tree Topper!

I know you are so JEALOUS right now!!  I have found the perfect tree topper AND at the low price of .99.  I have had my tree up for about 2 weeks now and I finally found its "hat" for this season.  After a recent trip to Macys  Salvation Army last week I found this amazing tree topper (thanks B)!  Whenever I find something like this I can't help but wonder whose tree it was previously on.  Judging by the yellow'ish faded box it is in, someone had it for years.  I wonder if the person was nice, old, happy, sad??  I love not knowing the true history behind something, I just make up my own!!  So I am pretending this was in some granny's house (we will call her Nelly).  Nelly had a bunch of kids running around and her house always smells of an old coal burning stove, something about that smell just reminds me of my granny's house.  It can be 80 degrees outside and you can bet it is 105 at granny's! 

Ok back to Nelly, I bet she was a neat freak, I mean she has kept this in its original box for 50 years so you know she didn't mess around (I can relate).  I wonder if she is still alive, if her kids come and visit often or if she has passed?  This is why I love thrifting so much...sure you can go to Walmart and buy a new topper but that is just too "new" for my taste.  I prefer stuff that has been used and appreciated for years, I find if I buy new things I don't tend to appreciate them near as much.  I have looked at it for days now and this morning we had a conversation!  Seems I can't get her to stay on the tree and I may have had to use a few bad words on her!  So for now she is setting on a table waiting for Chad to deal with her, I have no patients left to deal with it right now.

Is this why she was at the thrift store to began with?  I wonder if Nelly kept her in the box for so many years b/c she could never get her to stay on the tree?  hmmmm..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"The Birds"

Thanksgiving @ the White House
After spending the night in front of the fireplace the birds are finally ready!  The more I looked at them the more I thought they looked way to fancy for my taste...So I had to try to make them feel at home in my country house, I really like the way my scale looked at Thanksgiving   so I just happened to have had a red scale (another thing I collect) close by! 

Tator Bowl
 I spent my lunch break today at the local Salvation Army with my co-workers and found the "JOY" blocks, I figured for .99 I would see how it looked.  The table skirt and place mat came from Big Lots and the other stuff I had collected over the years...The glass bowl is what I make my famous mashed potatoes in (hmm, guess I didn't think about that) it will be ok though, thankfully I am not the cook in the house!
I know what you are thinking...Lisa you have everyone at your house on Christmas for dinner, with your table covered with all that decor where will you put your salt -n- peppa (sorry 90's flashback) where will you put your napkins, sweet and low...etc??
hmmm.....I will get back to you on that!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Red Birds?

I found these two fab finds at a yard sale this past summer...they have been pushed to the back of my closet just waiting for the chance to peek out...Well the time has come!  I have never been crazy about birds, truth be told I am scared too death of the crazy things, but with Christmas coming I thought hmmmm why not let them enjoy the holidays too? 
Someone told me at some point in my life that you are always supposed to put a RED bird on your tree..I have no clue who told me this because when I ask folks about it they look at me like I am crazy!  Me being the way I am I couldn't stop till I found the reason...after a fast google search I found that by putting a RED bird on your tree it is supposed to bring you good luck!  So I say.... the bigger the bird the better the luck?
As you can see these birds look very tacky and remind me of 1990 Home Interior (we all had the gold butterflies) but for 1.00 I thought I'd see if I could "Seesa" them up a little?
Here is the before.....The after hasn't dried yet!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My 1st Post....

How to get started...well I guess I will start by saying please ignore any miss-spellings and I am pretty sure I will mess up on my gramer along the way.  After spending the last couple of months reading blogs I decided that I had to start one.  I love buying old stuff (really cheap) and somehow adding in my decor.  My husband and I built a new home in April of 2008, I work full time but with three kids, two car pmts, a house pmt, etc..I learned the hard way that I could not go out and buy all new things to decorate a 5000sq foot home!  I never thought I would enjoy digging through others peoples boxes of junk like i do!  I believe there is no greater "high" than digging in a box of old rusty junk and finding the one item (usually less than a dollar) that will change the whole look of a room.  Some of my friends think I am pretty strange I am sure but they always tend to love the pics i bring in of my recent "finds". I plan to post everything from my collection of Rusty Fans to my latest outfit that was under 5.00! 
Most of the time I will get an idea from a magizine,tv or another blog and I make it my mission not to stop until i get it! 
Since Christmas is getting close my latest thing has been decorating my mantel..I think I am finally finished and would love to her feedback from you all.
I hope you enjoy me sharing my thoughts, ideas and anything else that may come up along the way....