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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

at it AgAiN!

Well, I finally found the perfect color for my new chair..
What do you think??   Yep its YELLOW!!!

It ended up taking about 2.5 cans to cover it all.  I didn't realize how DARK that green was before...

Over all I have about 25.00 in it now which I think is still a deal...I mean look how much the rusted ones are going for on Ebay.
I can't wait to get her on my porch (the chair is female, it can't be male being BRIGHT yellow you know)!

But while she is she still drying I managed to get another project going....

Both for 15.00 at a Yard Sale today!!
 I know what you are thinking.....15.00 way too much to pay?  I will have to disagree with you on that, have you priced pressure treated wood lately?  I think I got a deal. 
I realize the easy thing to do would just be fill them up with dirt/flowers and be done with it..  Well, thats not how I roll!

so...............I brought out the STAIN!

Whats that you say??  I missed some spots??  I KNOW!  I started to go back and fill in all the cracks but decided I really like it this way, it looks more worn and weathered I think and after all that IS the look I was going for!

So right now they are spending the night with HER.

I know...you are so Jealous of my "work area"  LOL.