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Friday, April 22, 2011

table re-do

Spring is here and its time to clean the porch, clean the furniture, plant flowers and my FAV.... paint!!

Last spring I did NOTHING, I didn't have the money to buy new chairs, cushions, flowers, etc...  My porch looked so sad and I missed watering all my flowers daily.  Well not a lot has changed, still don't have  the extra money to spend on it BUT I decided I wasn't going to spend another summer looking at my sad porch....SO....................I got me some .97 spray paint and went to town!

I bought this table years ago at Big Lots, I think I only paid a couple of dollars for it.  I was getting ready to take it to the dump and thought why not try to save it!

This is the table before, so sad.
yeah I had started painting the top before I thought to take a before pic!  I normally buy spray paint for wicker, wood, plastic, etc..BUT it is almost 4.00 a can now and I think that is too high.  So I bought this and paid .97.

I did have to do two coats but I usually end up doing that with the expensive paint as well...

I think it looks much better!  Still needs a little something to Seesa it up though.....

I had picked these up at Walmart a few days ago...under 3.00 and I had a feeling I would use them for something...

Our Last name fit PERFECT on the table!

Not bad huh?  I think it will look better once I get it on my porch and put some of my one of a kind touches on it!  lol

As for now...well I am spending the day pressure washing my porch, I can't wait to get started..Nothing better than a nice clean porch to eat Easter Dinner on!

I did manage to get most of the stuff off of the porch already....(see below)  and NO this isn't a yard sale!  I have spent most afternoons this week washing everything.. I have to get started though b'c right now my yard is looking a little redneck!

Told ya it was BAD!

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