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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I did learn a few things from my Parents...

Ok, I didn't think folks still used this kind of stuff, I thought when your shoes got scratched and dirty you just bought new ones?      
After looking everywhere for a pair of shoes identical to the pair I have I had no luck..so what's a gal to do? 
I got to thinking about the "good ole days" and on Sundays my Dad would always shine his shoes before church.  I was at Walmart today and found this stuff!!  It was less than 3.00 and can I just say OMG what a find!!!  I do believe I have shined every pair of shoes in my closet (well maybe not every pair but I only have so much time)  You can buy sponges for Brown or Black shoes..BUT this one said "for any color" so I figure I got more bang for my buck.
So to all my fellow thrifters out there, the next time you see a pair of shoes at a thrift store that are a little scratched up...have NO fear, for a few dollars you will have them looking good as new again!

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