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Sunday, February 27, 2011

rain...coffee...& PAINT!!

I know you guys have been dying to see the outcome....here ya go!


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Couldn't resist taking a pic of my $5.00 chair! (it is usually full of clothes)

Breath taking..I KNOW!!

while had the camera out..thought I'd show you a yard sale find last year, this is a picture of a cabin at cades cove
(4.00 for both) 

I have to say I am super thrilled about my candle sticks, counting the paint and candles I have about 8.00 total. (now thats' being thrifty)

Oh before I forget...while making my afternoon coffee (only b'c its raining) I came across this...

Can you guess whose coffee cup THIS is??   No it doesn't belong to me (way to dainty)...Its Mothers! 

Well I have covered the Coffee...Paint......but wait...how will I write about Rain??  hmmmm...

Oh how I love the Morton Salt Chick, I guess its her style??  RED  bows, YELLOW dress and BLACK umbrella!!

I hope you enjoyed todays Post as always I had FUN!!

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