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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nellys Tree Topper!

I know you are so JEALOUS right now!!  I have found the perfect tree topper AND at the low price of .99.  I have had my tree up for about 2 weeks now and I finally found its "hat" for this season.  After a recent trip to Macys  Salvation Army last week I found this amazing tree topper (thanks B)!  Whenever I find something like this I can't help but wonder whose tree it was previously on.  Judging by the yellow'ish faded box it is in, someone had it for years.  I wonder if the person was nice, old, happy, sad??  I love not knowing the true history behind something, I just make up my own!!  So I am pretending this was in some granny's house (we will call her Nelly).  Nelly had a bunch of kids running around and her house always smells of an old coal burning stove, something about that smell just reminds me of my granny's house.  It can be 80 degrees outside and you can bet it is 105 at granny's! 

Ok back to Nelly, I bet she was a neat freak, I mean she has kept this in its original box for 50 years so you know she didn't mess around (I can relate).  I wonder if she is still alive, if her kids come and visit often or if she has passed?  This is why I love thrifting so much...sure you can go to Walmart and buy a new topper but that is just too "new" for my taste.  I prefer stuff that has been used and appreciated for years, I find if I buy new things I don't tend to appreciate them near as much.  I have looked at it for days now and this morning we had a conversation!  Seems I can't get her to stay on the tree and I may have had to use a few bad words on her!  So for now she is setting on a table waiting for Chad to deal with her, I have no patients left to deal with it right now.

Is this why she was at the thrift store to began with?  I wonder if Nelly kept her in the box for so many years b/c she could never get her to stay on the tree?  hmmmm..


  1. I can relate to Nelly...i keep everything, but maybe not in its orginal packaging. My daughters will confirm that i'm a pack rat. Just call me a "hopeless sentimentalist".

    I would struggle with taking the tree topper out of the box with fear of it taking a tumble from the tree and smashing into a million pieces.


  2. Ok "HS" you have a name now......so get STARTED?? lol